Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top 5 Books

Oh lordy lordy, this is a very hard one. Also, it's kind of late, so I may have to do an Abridged Version Challenge for tonight's Top 5. Five words on each? Seems like a fair challenge to me!

5. If on a winter's night a traveler - Italo Calvino
Helped me understand postmodernism. Dense.

4. His Dark Materials Trilogy - Philip Pullman
Got me reading "grown-up" books.

3. Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling
I am an obsessive nerd.

2. Good Omens - Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
Best appropriation of Genesis EVER.

1. Les Miserables - Victor Hugo
Perfect portrayal of love and grace. (that one deserves six!)

Somehow that took me longer than writing full paragraphs... Oh well. I heartily recommend every single one of those books, each worth reading in their own way. I feel like a book can really change your life in a way that nothing else really does, and that's what Les Miserables did for me. What do you other bookworms think?

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thewindhover said...

Miss Caitlin! What an intriguing and revealing list! I tink my top five would be:

1. Little House books - Laura Ingalls Wilder... I can't tell you how many times I've read these; but some of my youngest memories of wanting to be a prairie girl and travelling with with my husband and children in a wagon.

2. The Little White Horse - Elizabeth Gouge - It is has nothing really to do with a horse; but more about strange creatures, woods, imaginations, and old Edwardian England. And have never read any books that describe food and scenery and garments like she does!

3. Jane Eyre - Charlottle Bronte - I read this about once a year; and still cry in then last chapter every time - but find myself getting something new outof it. Jane embodies the articulate, aware and empowered woman!

4. Mr God This is Anna - Fynn - One of the most ispiring, simple, heart-wrenching pieces of writing...

5. Walking on Water - Madeleine L'Engle - speaks so truely and vividly of what it means to hae faith and be creative.