Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday in Pictures

Sunday began with tea, ricotta and jam toast, and a plum.

... sitting across from lovely Roman as he reads his paper (such a ritual ever since he got a free student subscription!)

Then we went to Manly, which I must say is not my favourite part of the east coast, but the light was just perfect on the almost-stormy summer day.

There's something very theraputic about the rocking of the waves as they come in, something so lovely and complimentary in the steely blue ocean against the frothy white foam...

I followed my lover over the rocks...
(feeling like some sort of amphibious fairy girl as I hopped over the wet stones)
I reminded my darling how silly and sweet he makes me feel by writing our names into the sand... it really was a very perfect little adventure for young lovers.

There is a certain aesthetic poetry in the lines and contours one finds at the cusp of earth and sea, I think.

Whether they're man-made...
... or a crystalline mixture of both.

One finds all sorts of treasures at the seaside.
And some fascinating little creatures in its rock pools.

For me, there is nowhere like the coastline. It's the perfect place to sit and contemplate your next move...

.. or simply to gaze out at the supreme majesty of God's creation.

Emotional Support for Marine Invertibrates

Oh, Mr. Octopus, why are you so gloomy?
Cheer up - at least you're not a weedy seadragon!


This is my dad. Lucky me.

Moonlight Cinema

Five reasons to offer the Moonlight Cinema your patronage:

1. Beautiful sunsets behind the screen...
2. The wonderful company of friendly pirates (with matching shoes).

3. Colourful characters sitting near you (in fairness we did go for Rocky Horror...)

4. Glasses of Rosé out of plastic glasses...

5. Did I mention the sunsets...?

Trend Alert

Rolled-down bobby socks are back. Mark my words.
... okay maybe it's just me but this primary school trend is enjoying a wonderful comeback in my wardrobe at the moment. Hop on the bandwagon, people.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I went etsy searching mad last night.
Shoes. So many shoes. Zombie noises.

My favourites are either the first or the second one down, those red boots are really something special, but I was actually considering buying those brown victorian booties last night. Until someone else bought them. Glare.

Mmm. Shoes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Around the World in Eighty Years...

A list of places I want to visit - it's quite comprehensive. Bold means it's on the cards for the next couple of years (yay!)

Adelaide (Australia)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Ankara (Turkey)
Athens (Greece)
Auckland (New Zealand)
Barcelona (Spain)
Bangalore (India)
Bath (England)
Belfast (Northern Ireland)
Berlin (Germany)
Bombay (India)
Brandenburg (Germany)
Brighton (England)
Bruges (Belgium)
Brussels (Belgium)
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Caernarfon (Wales)
Cairo (Egypt)
Cambridge (England)
Cardiff (Wales)
Catalonia (Spain)
Capetown (South Africa)
Chicago (U.S.A.)
Christchurch (New Zealand)
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Corfu (Greece)
Crete (Greece)
Cyprus (Greek/Turkish Republic of Cyprus)
Dublin (Ireland)
Edinburgh (Scotland)
Freetown (Sierra Leone)
Geneva (Switzerland)
Gibraltar (U.K. Territory)
Glasgow (Scotland)
The Hague (Netherlands)
Hanoi (Vietnam)
Helsinki (Finland)
Istanbul (Turkey)
Jerusalem (Israel)
John O' Groats (Scotland)
Kathmandu (Nepal)
Kodiak Island (U.S.A.)
Lhasa (China)
Limerick (Ireland)
Lisbon (Portugal)
London (England)
Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Madrid (Spain)
The Maldives (Republic of the Maldives)
Mandalay (Myanmar)
Marseilles (France)
Melbourne (Australia)
Mexico (Mexico)
Monte Carlo (Monaco)
Montego Bay (Jamaica)
Montreal (Canada)
Moscow (Russia)
Munich (Germany)
Muqdisho (Somalia)
Nagasaki (Japan)
Nairobi (Kenya)
New York City (U.S.A.)
Noumea (New Caladonia)
Osaka (Japan)
Oslo (Norway)
Oxford (England)
Paris (France)
Perth (Australia)
Philadelphia (U.S.A.)
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Porto (Portugal)
Port Louis (Mauritius)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Quebec (Canada)
Rabat (Morocco)
Reykjavik (Iceland)
Rome (Italy)
Saigon (Vietnam)
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
San Francisco (U.S.A.)
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Saskatchewan (Canada)
Shanghai (China)
Stockholm (Sweden)
Sussex (England)
Taongi (Marshall Islands)
Tokyo (Japan)
Tunis (Tunisia)
Vancouver (Canada)
Vatican City (Italy... sort of)
Venice (Italy)
Warsaw (Poland)
Washington D.C. (U.S.A.)
Wellington (New Zealand)
Yerevan (Armenia)
Zagreb (Croatia)
Zurich (Switzerland)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday in Potter

In the aftermath of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows depression overcame a lot of Harry Potter fans.

As many people know, the best way to overcome bouts of depression is through thereputic baking... ta da!

Harry Potter Peanut Butter Cookies!

And what better way to spend a day than to curl up with a good book and cookies between rounds of Harry Potter Cluedo...

Any comments on my crazed fangirlishness will be responded to only with scorn.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I've been feeling a little grey lately...

I've been getting a lot of dizzy spells and feeling a bit pale generally...
So imagine my delight when I was given these beautiful happy-coloured gerbras this evening...
Pretty yellow flowers.
What a lovely boy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love the sea.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as the ocean on a burning hot summer day.
I spent the other day beach-hopping with my beautiful pink hibiscus sister...

... and ferny orange hibiscus cousin.

Balmoral baths are a favourite. Lilly and Roman and I took turns jumping off the jetty.

And I was very happy with Roman, who likes beaches about as much as a cat would, for his swimming and sand sitting. Roman good boy.
There's something about sticky wet swimmers, sandy feet and burned shoulders that just feels right. Do you like my ocean coloured nailpolish?


I'm a very lucky girl who has just got to spend a month staying with my darling boy, relaxing, organising and getting my mind back into order.

I've been attached to my laptop for the most part, making lots of lovely lists and tables and charts and sending emails and getting well acquainted with the image editing program GIMP.

I've enjoyed far too much delicious food, including ice cream with butterscotch sauce... mmm.

Perhaps most of all, I've enjoyed the funny sweet company of my darling Roman and his beautiful kitties, especially when they find adorably unorthidox sleeping places.


I hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Girls on a Roof

On the roof of an apartment block on Stanley St, we found a little grotto for fairy girls...

I do love my city. And cactuses. And dear friends.