Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lazy Delicacies

I love good food but I never seem to have any time to make anything truly exquisite. At some point in my life (probably when I've retired and my hands are too arthritic for knitting) I will reach Emily's dizzyingly Nigella-esque culinary heights, but for now I am content to share with you my favourite quick (i.e. lazy) delicacies.

1. Eton Mess

Fresh strawberries
Pouring cream

Slice up the strawberries and line the bottom of a bowl
Crush up the merangue and scatter it over the strawberries
Pour the cream liberally over the whole lot and dig in with a spoon, not a fork.

2. Ploughman's Lunch

Lovely thick sourdough bread
Olive butter
Vintage cheddar
Pickled onions
Pickled gherkins
Cherry tomatoes
A pink lady apple
Fresh strawberries

Toast the bread, spread the olive butter on it, cut up all the rest of the ingredients and whack them on a plate. Serve with a big class of orange juice and enjoy.

Pictures from a Walk


A Change

Hair dyed and cut by beautiful Sophia.
What do you think?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

(Saturday) and Sunday in Pictures

A collection of wonderfully relaxing moments from a weekend that probably should have been used to write essays...

A two year old took this picture... she's pretty good for someone who just realised she has opposable thumbs.
This is her, my cute little cousin Clare.

Go away, Monday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Victoria Park


Images of Pip, the amazing fire-twirler, dancing with the flames in the sunset.

Perfect Strangers

Hello poppets, it has been a long while, hasn't it? Here are some snapshots from my life in the last... whew, it must have been more than ten days.

I have eaten bacon and eggs on pretty blue crockery.
I have walked through the southern woods in the evening.
I have captured some serendipitously beautiful images.

I saw a possum. It was cute.

I have drunk a lot of tea with my best friend.
I have posed in an effort to continue with the 30 Days of Self experiment.
I have done a lot of waiting in my very comfy shoes.
I have realised that my best friend is an Adonis in flannelette. (I love you, Roman.)
I have done so much yet I feel run off my feet. I never stop loving life but I often desire to put some elements of it on pause. Oh for a life of painting, baking, kissing and picnics - and nothing else.

I thank God for my beautiful friends and of course my best friend Roman for stopping me jumping off a bridge in the last very very stressful week. Hopefully my blogging will become more regular from now on.

Fingers crossed!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday in Pictures and Days 6 & 7

I spent my Father's Day morning cooking up some yummy strawberry pancakes for Dad and myself. This is the result.

And the rest of the morning eating my own concoction.
I spent the majority of the day writing a very long essay.
But then got to spend the sunny afternoon rereading my favourite book for the fortieth time.
And ended my weekend with a barefoot wander through the grass.

Saturday is Baking Day

Delicious hazelnut/chocolate chip cookies.

Pretty roses.

Sweet, aren't they? I know that Rupert has been featured here before but I believe this might be your first glimpse of pretty Martha...
... still, Rupert does continue to hog the limelight. Thinks the sun shines out of his arse, that one.