Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Night is Conundrum Night

Hello dear friends,

I thought I'd actually test out how many people still read this rarely-updated sanctuary of mine by presenting you with a conundrum I have, and then requesting your opinion on the matter.

I had two plans for the beginning of 2011. The first was to spend the month of January in Europe with Roman, the second to (apply for, at least) to direct the Sydney University O-Week Festival.

Both are incredibly good things that I want to do more than anything. Problem being that O-Week director is an incredibly all-consuming commitment that commences half way through 2010 and continues until the last week of February 2011, pretty much precluding me from spending January outside the office.

If I chose to commit to applying for O-Week director, there is a high likelihood that I wouldn't get it (it's a very competitive position, and whilst I am good at that sort of thing there are definitely people in the world who are better at it) and by that stage I may not be able to commit to Europe in lieu of it. On the other hand, if I say "I probably wouldn't get it" and then do, I will have invested in Europe planning for nothing, and Roman will most likely be very upset with me.

So, I now present to you my pros and cons list for both eventualities, and ask you to decide on which course of action I should take:

  • It would be my first real holiday in two and a half years;
  • I would get to return to the UK, to spend at least a week in London as well as visiting throughout the country, meeting up with family (Roman's) and friends (mine);
  • I would get to go to Scotland for the first time, and to see my dear friends Minna and Hannah;
  • I would be able to spend a naughty weekend in Paris with Roman... and Minna!;
  • I would get to go to Berlin and see the Brandenburg Gate (something I really need to do for myself);
  • I would get to go vintage shopping in London;
  • It's much more certain/definite than O-Week;
  • I would be travelling with my love.
  • It would be an incredible adventure;
  • I would be learning skills that will help me for the rest of my life;
  • I would be performing a duty to the system that has given me so much over the past few years;
  • I think I would be good at it;
  • I think it would help me to grow up and perhaps to even help me find a place in the event industry (which is perhaps where I'll end up);
  • It would make me freaking awesome;
  • I would get paid for it, rather than saving for a whole year for Europe.
I know that list makes Europe sound like a way better option, but I'm still very torn. Quick, lend me your opinions!


Naomi Parkinson said...

I read your blogg!!! This is really tricky... I think both are really good options.
But since you have a little while I really suggest going and chatting to the people who select o-week directors and find out what they're looking for. Europe will still be there later, you could take a month in July, maybe, or leave earlier.

I kinda want to be in London beginning of next year too, so that's another plus!!

Can't you wait a little while to book flights, and see how you go at the audition process? I booked mine two weeks out and they were frequent flyer ones too...

Caitlin Kenny said...

It is super tricky. Luckily enough I don't have to make a decision straight away :)
We're saving up for flights, hopefully we'll be able to afford them in Juneish. I guess we'll know by then!

hnnhkate said...

Europe!! No contest!!!